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Meet independent student Jazmeha

16 year old Jazmeha connected with our Youthlink program after her mother asked her to leave the family home in Ipswich.

She had tried leaving a number of times in the previous 12 months, but financial pressures saw her returning time and time again despite ongoing conflict in the family. As soon as Jazmeha contacted YFS, our Youthlink worker Kara helped her set up the supports she needed to achieve independence. 

They’ve worked on her housing and finances, and her physical and emotional wellbeing.

Jazmeha is now living in social housing in Logan that’s specifically for young people aged 16 to 25 years.

She’s receiving Abstudy, which is allowing her to complete high school by giving her the money she needs to cover the basics, such as rent, utility bills and food.

“When I moved here, it’s actually helped with my mum’s and my relationship,” Jazmeha said. “And that’s good.”

Despite the upheaval, Jazmeha has been able to settle into a new school and maintain her schoolwork.

“Where I am now is better for my education and health,” she said. “I can now study. I was going to school last year, but not as often. I missed out on two terms by the end of last year. I now feel more confident going to school. The teachers at my new school are helping me, too.”

Courageously, Jazmeha chose to repeat Year 10 this year. Last year, she missed two terms.

“I want to graduate from Year 10,” she said. “My other option was to go to TAFE. I know TAFE is easier, but I would like to get a proper Year 10 and Year 11 and 12 education. I want a school social life and sporting life too.”

Finishing school is important to Jazmeha. She has her eyes set on a range of careers that require further education and training, such as nursing, arts, sports teaching and police detective work.

“Ever since I was little, I’ve loved watching detective shows. I also love my sports,” she said. “But I’m a helper too. At my old school, if none of my friends had food I would bring food for them. I’d help them before I’d help myself.”

Whatever life path she chooses, Kara knows Jazehma will give it her best.

“Jaz has done everything herself. She has been committed and dedicated to getting her life on track,” Kara said. “This will help her throughout her life, I can see that.”

Find out more about Youthlink on the YFS website: www.yfs.org.au/services/young-people.